Take Care! Productions can transform your school with interactive training on DVD to empower communication strategies among adults in the school community, focusing on student success.

Take Care!, our DVD training program, includes strategies for elementary, middle, and secondary schools. We are confident that Take Care! will help teachers and school administrators from kindergarten to high school communicate more effectively, helping change low-performance schools into creative, innovative, dynamic places to learn.

Check out samples from our four training modules to see how Take Care! can make the difference in communication to strengthen parent-teacher-principal relations, reinforcing positives and turning problems into solutions.

The Dreaded Math and Common Core

August 9th, 2014
Post by CJN

Until now, nobody has asked how and why does the student use sums, subtraction, multiplication, or division to find the answer to why one train reaches a station before the other. As if most children care. In the real world they are bundled into a car. And are only interested in asking “Are we there […]

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